This is DOGE2, the enemy of the whales.

This is DOGE2, dogecoin for the Decentralized Finance(DeFI) "Such original. Much wow." #DogEFI

This is DOGE2

The Doge of Decentralized Finance(DeFI)

A Fairly Launched Cryptocurrency

Distributed through Airdrop

More than 30,000+ Holders

Powered by Matic(Polygon) Network

Highly scalable. +5000 TPS

Fast transactions.Virtually 0 fees.

Limited supply. Deflationary.

Buybacks and Burns Charting Platform

Stake DOGE2 Earn rewards

DOGE2 is a token created on Polygon(MATIC) network - a high throughput scaling solution built on top of Ethereum.
Our mission is to become the Dogecoin of Decentralized Finance(DeFI). With a fair launch, community ownership and full transparency DOGE2 qualifies as the-next generational evolutionary protocol.
DOGE2 has been launched fairly through an airdrop and distributed to over 25,000 participants.

  • Total Supply: 100,000,000,000
  • Circulating Supply: 16,500,000,000
  • DOGE2 Price: $0.0000003664
  • Marketcap: $36,625
  • 1 DOGE = 564,956 DOGE2
  • Contract Address:
DOGE2 Features
High scalability
7000 transactions per second
near-zero FEEs

DOGE2 inherits capabilities of Polygon at the transactional layer.
Earn rewards
DOGE2 hodlers can stake their holdings and earn rewards - token XVMC

Finite Supply
DOGE2 has a finite supply. Only 1,000,000,000,000 DOGE2 will ever exist! Who wouldn't want some?
No Inflation
DOGE2 has no inflation, removing consistent selling pressure from the miners
Charting Platform
DOGE2 will have it's own charting platform/website for most popular "moon coins" on Polygon!
Non Fungible Tokens(NFTs)
Digital art on the blockchain
Environment Friendly
DOGE2 uses Polygon Network. No extra energy is being wasted for mining. DOGE2 is environment friendly, enabling for a greener future!
Fair launch & Decentralization
DOGE2 has been launched fairly and has been airdropped to over 10,000 participants. Viva la decentralization!
How to get DOGE2
Already have funds on Polygon(Matic) Network?
Stake tokens & Earn
  • Stake DOGE2 -> earn XVMC
  • Stake DOGE2 -> earn DOGE420
  • Stake DOGE2 -> earn DOGE69

Mid May 2021
Airdrop Registrations start ✅

Users can sign-up to participate in the airdrop.

Early June 2021
Airdrop distribution. ✅

40% of the allocation(total allocation is 25%) for the Airdrop is distributed to eligible users who signed up for the Airdrop
60% of the allocation is distributed proportionally to XVMC token holders

June 2021
Listing on Quickswap ✅

DOGE2 is listed on decentralized exchange Quickswap on Polygon mainnet. DOGE2 trading and price discovery begins

June-July 2021
Staking ✅

DOGE2 holders can stake their tokens and passively earn Mac&Cheese(XVMC).

June - July 2021

Charting platform for "moon coins" on Polygon.

June-July 2021
Listing on Price Tracking Sites

Request for listing on price&data tracking websites including Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Coinpaprika, Cryptoslate, Cryptocompare, Livecoinwatch and many others

Decentralized Governance & Development

Majority of DOGE2 supply is owned in a decentralized treasury of the XVMC protocol. Holders get to decide on the future of protocol and it's development.

Token Allocation
  • Airdrop
  • Staking Rewards
  • MEME platform
  • Developer fund

Live updates and fully transparent details about token management and allocation for the DOGE2 project can be viewed at
Features Overview
  • High Scalability
  • Near 0 Fees
  • Super Fast Transactions
  • Finite supply
  • Fair Distribution
  • Decentralized Governance
  • Environment Friendly
  • Built On Matic(Polygon) Network
  • No Inflation
  • DOGE2.App Charting Platform for Polygon coins
  • DOGE2 potential currency&reward for Adoption
  • STAKING - Earn passive income in XVMC token
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